Jan Huda - Natural Problem Solver

Jan is a truly amazing, inventive and resourceful guy. Saved my life countless times, in more ways than one.

Okay, you guessed it, the testimony above is made up. Let me make it up to you by listing some actual facts:

  • I'm a passionate game developer
  • I like to be creative
  • I enjoy thinking outside the box
  • I like to focus on the big picture
  • I run a small code mentoring group where I help non-programmers create basic prototypes and design their own projects.
  • I once won a breath-holding contest against my music education teacher

Keep scrolling, if you want to check out some of my work. Ah, and also here's my LinkedIn profile!

Novint (2019)

A platform allowing players to read interactive 'gamebook' style novels.
The platform is generic, anyone can create a story using third party open source Twine and my Novint Editor.
Upload it to a server of your choice, give the player a link and share your creativity!

How to improve

  • Novint barely has any validation of the story integrity. If something is not right, game just crashes. Some unit tests are in order.
  • Optimize! Reloading stories and rolling back to bookmarks is poorly performing.
  • Novint doesn't support sound or music. Adding tags for that is a cheap way to increase immersion.
  • Novint was made by a programmer. Programmer graphics everywhere. UI could use the touch of an artist.
  • The Novint editor doesn't allow you to edit passages and links.

HR Simulator (2018)

A tiny little minigame created with a purpose of getting noticed, combined with my desire to explore point-and-click as a standalone genre.
Gameplay time is from one to two minutes and there are two possible outcomes.
The art was made by the very talented Ameilee Sullivan.

How to improve

  • The game is very short and straightforward. The idea was not to take up too much time of potential recruiters, but some story branching wouldn't hurt.
  • Only one email is readable, the rest is just a static text
  • Some of the parts of the code could do with refactoring, employing knowledge that I have acquired since

Consomon (2016)

Back in my .NET developing days, I was curious if it's possible/feasible to turn .NET console application into a full-on game engine
Turns out it is and it is fun!
The game itself is kind of a text based Pokemon clone/parody. You have your own Consomon and you travel from location to location fighting wild Consomons, trying to acquire more, get better and catch the most powerful one in the game!

How to improve

  • All architecture was designed by me, without employing any patterns. In hindsight it wasn't a good decision, the code is poorly maintainable.
  • The game is not well balanced
  • The game doesn't have many features. Fighting between other Consomon owners would be nice as well as quests given by townfolks, etc.

Nontagonist (2015, unfinished)

An ambitious project, where players take up the role of a god-like omnipotent entity and observes the consequences of their action/inaction.
Kind of like Rimworld from a position of the storyteller.
The scope of the project was too big, that's why I had to put it on hold.

How to improve

  • When I resume working on this project, I will start over, to utilize everything I've learned since

Pacberman (2014, unfinished)

An endless arcade game merging Pacman and Bomberman game mechanics.
The player goes around the map eating pellets, avoiding ghosts, while laying bombs along the way.
Fun fact: The ghosts are following the same pathfinding algorithms as in the original PacMan game.

How to improve

  • The game is unfinished. Currently it's impossible to lose
  • App flow must be implemented (Game > Upgrades shop > Game > ...)
  • Graphics are crude and ugly
  • More dynamic environment (obstacles, traps)

Jose's Revenge (2013)

My very first encounter with Unity.
The result is the work of one inexperienced developer, rendering it shoddy and not very enjoyable. The code is so bad that it should be printed on toilet paper. The graphics and sound effects are also made by me.
But it introduced me to a full development cycle from start to release and kickstarted my interest to get better and pursue a career in game development. I owe this project a lot.

How to improve

  • Rewrite the code from scratch
  • Make obstacles easier to avoid
  • Implement unlockable characters